Busy Cats!

George is affectionate and very playful.

He loves other cats, people, and toys.
This charming young cat radiates joie de vivre.

Meanwhile Lulu was having a playdate with her roommates.

Here she is with Kiki and Smitty.

You never know what you’re going to see at the shelter…

Rocket and Gloria were shy cats who found comfort in each other’s company while they were at PAWS.
Both adopted!

9 thoughts on “Busy Cats!”

  1. That last photo did make me smile. It looks like a tangle of cats doesn’t it?

  2. My gosh if that isn’t the most complicated picture ever out there! I’d have them in a heartbeat if I could. XXX

  3. LOL..I am smiling and laughing out loud! Great photos as always! Beauties all of them..may they all find their person(s) and forever homes soon.
    Great work Maggie and all the wonderful PAWS volunteers who care for these precious ones while they wait. Thanks Maggie

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