Little Cat Houses

Our friends at Fukumaru donated several cat houses to PAWS.

They are made of wood and very sturdy. The houses come with hardware to hang them on walls. But, due to their weight and the less than sturdy metal studs in the shelter’s walls, Rick decided to build a low table for them with a connecting tunnel.
Of course, Rufus had to investigate and supervise.

Here they are in place in Cat Room #4.

At PAWS we do our best to give the cats and kittens an enriching and fun environment
while they wait for their forever homes.
Thank you Fukumaru and Rick!

Here’s a link to Fukumaru’s Amazon store.

8 thoughts on “Little Cat Houses”

  1. Classy little Abodes!
    Love them!
    And that table is a work of Art!
    PAWS’ kitties are so lucky to have Maggie & Rick!
    Immediately checked out the website, very cool stuff . . .

  2. How awesome of the peeps at Fukumaru, and how awesome of you and Rick to set that up for the Room 4 kitties! Thank you both so much. We’re looking forward to see your latest catification this weekend! XO

  3. What beautiful cat areas you have at PAWS….and great work by Rick as usual. Great photos Maggie..thanks for all you all do for the kitties at PAWS to help enrich their lives while they wait for their forever homes! You are the BEST!…Glad to see Rufus was doing quality control…looks like he was doing a fabulous job!

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