Cats in Hawaii

We are always happy to see cats when we are away from home.
We were certainly happy in Hawaii!

Abaykitties manages the colonies in the Waikoloa resort area.

The cats, like this one, are trapped, neutered, returned and maintained in colonies.

From Abay’s website,
“Because of the hard work of our volunteers and our relationship with Advocats we haven’t had a litter born in our colonies for many years. All of our furbabies are spayed and neutered and living out their senior years in peace here at Abay.”

You can send your support and follow them on Facebook.

12 thoughts on “Cats in Hawaii”

  1. What great photos, Maggie! They’re all so beautiful, and you can see they are well-cared for. Amazing that the colony has not had a litter of kittens in many years. TNR definitely works when it is done right. 🙂

  2. That is my kind of a Picture Postcard!
    Great photos!

    Noticed the raindrops on the sign
    Smart of them to tell visitors not to feed them ~
    I am notorious for traveling with baggies of kitty kibble . . .
    Ya never know who you might meet!

  3. What positive news from Hawaii. I know that at one point there was a serious amount of animosity towards cats but this is so compassionate and lovely to see.

  4. What wonderful photos & wonderful organization! Made a donation to help Harvey & Midnight who both need significant (and costly) dentals!

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