Cats and Hammocks

Rick (our Kitty Carpenter) has made two wall hammocks for our cats at home.
Here’s Ernie enjoying one of them.

Rufus the Red had never experienced a hammock on the kitchen counter, but he was happy to try it out. Sorry Rufus, that’s not for you…

It was made for the cats at PAWS in the new very yellow mellow room.

Handsome young Guy the Cat approves.

Guy is just over a year old. Such a good boy!
He’s waiting at PAWS.

7 thoughts on “Cats and Hammocks”

  1. What a handsome “guy”….hope you find a great forever home soon sweetheart.

    Maggie, also loved the pics of your two…just adorable. You take such great photos and Rick makes incredible hammocks for the kitties….You are both such angels for all these kitties!

  2. Ernie and Rufus, you two sure did a great job of testing out that amazing hammock that Dad Rick made. It looks like Guy approves of it, too. Thank you for all you do for the PAWS cats, Maggie and Rick! 🙂

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