Big little Kittens at PAWS

Reminder to self:
Do not leave paper towel rolls unattended while kittens are in the area.
(Reminder courtesy of Casey and Cedar)

Tabby Biscuit and calico Tater are two of the very friendly large kittens in the busy Lobby Room at PAWS.

Tater is a stunning and playful young cat. She would be happiest in the company of other felines.

It would be perfect if Tater went home with her sister Biscuit.

Or everyone’s favorite playmate, mini tuxedo Casey.
These beauties can be found at PAWS in Norwalk CT – but not for long!

9 thoughts on “Big little Kittens at PAWS”

  1. I know what you mean about the paper towel! Its a magnet to some kitties and you end up with shreds all over if you put it down in the wrong place…….Hoping all these cuties find wonderful forever homes soon and the siblings get to enjoy the rest of their lives together…Great pics Maggie!

  2. Casey cracks us up.

    These pictures are so great, Maggie. Those kittens are so adorable, and you’ve captured their fun and sweet personalities perfectly!

  3. Maggie, I have fallen under the spell of sweet Tater and her companions – congrats for being featured at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy this week – hope you are doing well this summer! 🙂

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