Around PAWS and Home

Charming Lily lost her home when her person was hospitalized.
She’s a playful, petite five year old.
Lily gets along nicely with other cats and would adjust well to a new home.

Pretty little Zoey is going home today!

Tiny tabby Luna came to PAWS with her three year old mother, Shadow.
Mom is keeping a close eye on her daughter.

It would sure be nice if they were adopted together.
I wonder what the daddy looked like?

Meanwhile at our house:

Unfortunately Mickey Mouser is being treated for a skin condition. The veterinary dermatologist suggested I get a baby onesie so that he wouldn’t lick the area.
He’s getting better and sure looks cute!

6 thoughts on “Around PAWS and Home”

  1. Maggie, beautiful kitties…wishing them forever homes soon…lovely photo of Mickey Mouser…wishing him a speedy recovery..he does look cute!!

  2. We love all those PAWS cats. Lily, Zoey, Shadow and Luna are all such cuties — and sweet, too. Your wonderful photos will definitely help them find their happily ever afters. We have our paws crossed Shadow and Luna can be adopted together.

    Poor Mickey. We sure hope that skin issue clears up soon. XO

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