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Meanwhile, Back at Home

Scene One:
Rufus: “Ernie, you look very comfortable.”

Rufus: “I think that I will join you.”

Ernie: “Go away, Rufus. I was here first!”

Scene Two:
Rufus: Mickey, you look very comfortable.”

Rufus: “I think that I will join you.”

Mickey: “Rufus, you are relentless, and you snore, but I will cuddle with you.”

This drama plays out daily at our house.

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7 months ago

Good Boy Rufus!

7 months ago

So sweet. My house: Tangle, “Hi Lucy. Let’s play together.” Lucy, “Hiss, growl, you annoying little kid.”
Sometimes we find them lying near each other on my bed. The kid thinks they are “secretly dating.”

Sue Carrick
7 months ago

Your boys are precious Maggie!!! Love the pics..thank you for sharing..Sue

Perseverance pays off, Rufus! Love Ernie’s thumbs!

7 months ago

Well, we are glad Rufus found somebuddy to snuggle with. That’s super nice of you, Mickey. 🙂

7 months ago

Y’all really are such weet cuties!

7 months ago

Beautiful Cats and these made me want to get a Kitten even more than usual. But after getting a new Puppy for Christmas the Kitten is out, I’m afraid which makes me sad.

7 months ago

That is so sweet! Happy cuddling kitties!

7 months ago

Both so precious, and even more so at play!

Kitty trauma drama!

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