Shelter Cats

Three Oranges

Mr. Larry was a stray, living on the streets. In the past he was somebody’s sweetheart. We know that because he’s a friendly and affectionate guy.

He’s four years old, been neutered and had a dental at PAWS.
Mr. Larry is ready to go!

Sweet baby James is only nine months old.

He’s playful and outgoing.

Sandy is more buff colored but still has that orange cat charm! He was found on the streets and is learning to appreciate gentle attention.

Come to PAWS in Norwalk CT to find just the right cat.

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Sue Carrick
8 months ago

oh gosh.what sweethearts..thank goodness for PAWS..I hope they all find loving forever homes soon Maggie….Great pictures and writeups for us

8 months ago

Orange Delights!

They are all gorgeous, but Mr. Larry is extra special!

Such pretty kitties! I hope they find loving homes soon.

Thanks for sharing at

8 months ago

That’s such a nice bunch of orange goodness!

8 months ago

Just a beautiful cat! All my cats were shelter cats

8 months ago

We love Mr. Larry, Sandy, and James! What wonderful photos of them, Maggie. These really show off their sweet and adoptable personalities. When people see this post, they will be racing to give these boys happily ever after homes. XO

8 months ago

Awww, three cutie pies that I hope find a forever home soon. Orange kitties are adorable.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. ♥

Marianna Mayer
8 months ago

These beautiful bots are adorable <3 <3 <3

8 months ago

I love them all!! We have a guy that isn’t really yellow or orange – we call him cougar buff. Thank you so much for sharing at My Big Fat Menopausal Life’s Share the Wealth party!! Hope your weekend is fantastic!

8 months ago

My fav color is orange for good reason! Nothing like orange kitties

I’m so enamored with gingers and these three certainly live up to their color.

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