Last weekend Rick put up his 13th hammock at PAWS. We worried that the cats in the room would be disturbed by the sound of the drill. But, as you can see, little Precious was too interested to be frightened.

She also loved the catnip kickers I made out of fabric left over from the hammock.

Here she is checking out the newest catification project.

Today Precious was adopted!
A young couple came to PAWS looking for a friendly cat who would not be alarmed by the sound of the train passing near their apartment.
Precious was perfect for them.

13 thoughts on “Precious”

  1. Such a nice hammick and hooray for the beautiful Preciou getting adopted! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. At first she was on “quality control” and then she found her forever home!!!….So happy for Precious…sounds like a perfect match.

  3. Good of Rick to test drive Precious so that her new people knew she would not mind the train! That is so great, Catification works in mysterious ways!

  4. I love your website. Visiting from the Friendship Friday blog hop. I have four cats; 2 adopted from shelters and two that were dumped. I appreciate people who promote kindness. I’d be so honored if you shared some posts at our Share the Wealth party.

  5. Happy New Year to you Maggie – I’m so glad you’re back! Thanks for sharing the happy news that beautiful Precious has been adopted! (Did you know that “Precious” is my favorite nickname for Magellan? My hubby gets jealous and insists on responding every time I call the cat!) 🙂

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