Pretty Girl

Tinsel is an outgoing cat, interested in everything – except other cats.

Because of her dislike of her cage and roommates, she has a bit of cattitude. Two year old Tinsel would be a great companion for a patient adopter!

Meanwhile at home:

PAWS alumnus Ernie spends so much time on my drawing board, he’s decided on an art career.
Those polydactyl opposable thumbs really help.

10 thoughts on “Pretty Girl”

  1. MOL! Nice job, Ernie! It’s like you have opposable thumbs. Next up … the can opener! 🙂

    Tinsel is a great kitty. She got a little cross with me yesterday when it was time for her to go back into her cage. Your photos of her are beautiful, Maggie. She will make someone a great best friend!

    P.S. – It was nice seeing you and Rick yesterday! Thank you for all you do for the PAWS cats. XO

  2. OH! Ernie, you have stolen Tinsel’s thunder!
    That is a fabulous portrait of Rufus the Red!!!

    For you kitty seekers, please know that
    Brown Tabby Girls are just the Best!
    It will be a lucky someone to have Tinsel in their home!

  3. Tinsel is a beautiful kitty..hoping she finds her well deserved forever home very soon..what a sweetheart!!!

    Love the Ernie update..he definitely takes after his Mum..what a talented kitty… is a wonderful likeness of Rufus …..Mickey Mouser is going to be wanting an ‘Ernie’ masterpiece next!!!! Just love the updates on ‘your gang’ Maggie

  4. Thanks so much for your kind words when I left for the bridge it meant so very much to us dear friends
    Love from us all
    Timmy Tomcat and Family

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