Shelter Cats

Ducky and Diamond

These three year old bonded siblings were left behind when their people moved away. A kind neighbor rescued them and brought them to the shelter.

Ducky (on the right) is outgoing and affectionate.
Diamond is more shy, but appreciates a gentle head rub.

PAWS will make sure their next home will be forever and together.
Instant family, anyone?

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I hate when people leave their family members behind. The poor cats don’t know what is happening. I hope they soon get their true forever home together.

1 year ago

You poor sweeties. I hope your happy home finds you two soon and this mess will be over for good. Hugs sweet ones.

1 year ago

These are such great pictures of Ducky and Diamond, Maggie! They are really sweet cats, and you’ve really captured that here. We hope they will find their REAL forever loving home soon.

1 year ago

Our mom gets so angry when people are cruel ad insensitive and abandon their cats; though, that’s how Cooper Murphy became or brother. Ducky and Diamond are precious, and we know PAWS will find them the purrfect home. Thank God for that neighbor. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet

1 year ago

they are so cute, how could someone leave them?

1 year ago

How could anyone leave those sweet babies behind?! I hope they will find a new home soon!

1 year ago

Sweet little ones, we’re sending purrs, pawsitives and POTP your way for the purrfect furever home together – you deserve it.

katie Isabella
1 year ago

I will NEVER understand the people who DO that!!!

Sue Carrick
1 year ago

How human beings can be so cruel is beyond me. Wishing these two girls a forever home very soon. They are just so beautiful and so wonderful that PAWS is there to help them get that new forever home with people who really love them..until then..cuddles and purrs to them both!!!

1 year ago

What a Darling Duo!
They deserve the BEST Home ever!

1 year ago

They are so adorable and purrs they find a home soon. We think they will

1 year ago

A handsome pair, hopefully to find a forever-together home soon!

1 year ago

Such cuties. I hope they get their forever home together soon. XO

What sweet guys! Its too bad their peeeps were so irresponsible, but they are now in the right place to get a new and wonderful and loving forever home.

The arrogance and heartless stupidity of these people takes your breath away. May they be cursed with ill fortune and bad luck until they see the error of their heartless ways.

This pair of boys will make someone a wonderful pair of companions. May your stay at PAWS be short and your adoption long and happy sweet boys.

1 year ago

They look so much like two cats that we had years ago. Sweet memories!

Such beautiful animals – they are lovely.
Thank you for sharing at

1 year ago

both are really cutie

1 year ago

I really get angry, when I hear a story like that! Poor kitties! I hope they’ll find a gorgeous home soon!

1 year ago

That’s so terrible that these two lovelies were left behind like that. Humans can be asses. We sure hope they find their furrever home soon.

I adore these two! I wish I lived closed to snatch them up!

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