Spring Nip

Just outside the shelter, there is a healthy crop of catnip flourishing in the Spring sunshine.
Volunteers snip a few sprigs for the shelter cats on their way into the building.

There’s a variety of reactions from the cats. Some, like Ducky, enthusiastically approve!

Others, like her sister Diamond, pay no attention.
These pretty three year old bonded tabbies were left behind when their family moved away. A neighbor took care of them for a while, then they came to PAWS.

Handsome Miles happily rolled and rubbed – doing the horizontal nip dance.

Shy Jerry popped up from his nest and grabbed the catnip!

How do your cats feel about nip?

10 thoughts on “Spring Nip”

  1. The cats (well, most of them, anyhow) at PAWS are so grateful for your fresh catnip, Maggie! And we love your beautiful photos of our adoptable pals Ducky, Diamond, Miles and Jerry.

    Jerry has come so far. Remember when he would not even lift his head? He literally pops up when he hears us coming now. 🙂

  2. Such cuties. I want to give Jerry a hug. Most of my cats love nip except Trouble. She acts like I squeezed a lemon in her face when I offer her any. XO

  3. Dad says he thinks his boss has nip plants right up the hill from us but wants to find out for sure before bringing any home. I like it myself, but seem to get bored with it easily.

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