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Five year old Abby came to PAWS when her person went into an assisted living facility. You can tell by Abby’s sweet personality that she had a loving home.

She thrives on attention.

And Abby loves to play.
She would be very happy once again in a quiet home as someone’s one and only.
Ask for Abby at PAWS!

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1 year ago

I hope someone takes Abby to her forever home. A nice quiet one cat only family. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed.

Have a purrfect day and week. ♥

1 year ago

Abby is a beauty. I hope she gets her forever home soon. XO

1 year ago

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a purrfect Awww Monday and week. ♥

1 year ago

Abby really is special. What a pretty girl

1 year ago

She is the most GORGEOUS Cat!
Sounds like her personality matches her looks!
Wish I could kiss her and tell her it is going to be OK,
her MaMa still loves her, is missing her dearly
and her new Person will find her soon.
It won’t be the same, but she will be loved again.

I hope Abby soon gets her perfect forever home.

Sue Carrick
1 year ago

She is adorable. I hope she finds her forever home soon!!!

1 year ago

We hope you get a new and wonderful forever home super soon beautiful Abby, you sure deserve it.

Abby has such a wonderful smile! She would make a terrific pet! We are purraying that she finds a forever home soon! We hope you all (and all the cats) have a marvellously happy day!

1 year ago

Abby is adorable! What a lovely kitty!

Abby is a truly beautiful cat! Hope she soon finds a great home.
Thanks for sharing at

Abby, you are just so gorgeous in all of these photos. We hope that you find a beautiful forever home really soon. Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful rest of your day and good luck.

1 year ago

Abby is such a sweetheart. It’s really sad her former human had to give her up.

Maggie, your photos certainly show off her loving personality! We hope she finds a new forever home very soon.

Katie isabella
1 year ago

I can’t even imagine having to give up my beloved pet. How horrible. The cat doesn’t understand and the person suffers. Abby I hope another Mom and Dad come straight to you. Today.

1 year ago

There is something so striking about Abby…
I hope she finds a good home soon – she sounds like an amazing cat!
Have a wonderful week and keep up the amazing work that you do!

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