Three Fine Cats

First, here’s Cheddar.

He’s a friendly three year old, brought to the shelter as a stray. Next up:

Handsome hunk Skyler.
He is a great conversationalist, greeting visitors with a deep Merrrowww and a slow blink.
Skyler seems to have packed a lot of living into his two years.
While he’s pretty happy to be off the streets, he certainly would love a home of his own.

Tommy is fairly new to PAWS and adjusting nicely.
He came to the shelter because of his person’s allergies.

Playful Tommy hopes to celebrate his first birthday with a doting new family.

Come visit these amazing cats at PAWS in Norwalk CT.
If you live too far away, I bet there are wonderful cats waiting to be adopted in a shelter near you!

14 thoughts on “Three Fine Cats”

  1. Awww, so adorable all three of them. I hope they find forever homes and soon.

    Have a purrfect day you three. ♥

  2. You three are all just some beautiful in your photos. We hope that your forever homes are coming to you soon. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos. Have a wonderful rest of your week and good luck to all your fur-babies.

  3. Mom and I love them. They have the sweetest faces and so deserving of their own homes. I hie their parents come right in today, and head straight to them.

  4. Just LOVE them all!!…Hope they find their forever homes very soon!! They deserve it!!!

  5. They are all such wonderful cats! Maggie, these are such great photos of them; sure to help these boys find their happily ever afters. BTW, Skyler totally loves that carpeted half pipe; thanks to you and Rick for all the catification. It makes such a difference while the kitties are waiting for their forever homes. XO

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