Jerry, Newman, and Black Beauty

Jerry is all tabby, brother Newman has a white stripe and socks.

These young cats are very attached to each other, always seen curled up together.
Jerry and Newman must be adopted as a pair.
That’s Domino below them.

Two year old Black Beauty is very affectionate.

A former stray, he is looking for someone to love… especially if he or she has an empty lap.

Wishing you a happy Holiday season and a furry friend to keep you warm.
Please visit PAWS to add to your family!

7 thoughts on “Jerry, Newman, and Black Beauty”

  1. I’m sorry you sweeties are still there for Christmas but we’ll be purring good things happen for you all soon. Merry Christmas from all of us!

  2. They’re all such amazing cats, we know they will find their forever homes real soon. Your beautiful photos of them sure do capture their wonderful personalities, Maggie. Merry Christmas! XO

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