Natasha was adopted from PAWS as a kitten four years ago.
Recently, she was returned because she was peeing outside of the litter box. She has gotten a clean bill of health from the shelter vet. Most likely, she was having territorial issues with stray cats around her previous home.

Gentle and shy, Natasha likes being brushed and enjoys a little nip in moderation.

A pet is a member of the family and when things go wrong, a pet parent has to do some research (starting with a visit to the vet), problem solving, and detective work to find a solution. There is a wealth of information on the web.
Imagine if bed wetting children were dropped off at an orphanage…

OK, I will now step off my soapbox and show you some cute kittens.

Sweet Natasha, armloads, laps full of kittens, all available at PAWS.

15 thoughts on “Natasha”

  1. Poor Natasha. I am sure her problems could have been sorted if her previous owners had cared to put the time to it. I hope she finds a loving home that won’t give up on her at the first sign of a problem.
    Those kittens are cute.

  2. I agree, poor Natasha, your soapbox is right and I could really say what I think of them but I won’t, I’ll just purr for a real forever, forever home for that pretty girl.

  3. Poor Natasha. She’s very sweet, but obviously overwhelmed at being back at the shelter. Thank you for jumping in that soapbox, Maggie!

    We love the housepanther boys in lobby 1. They are all so cute!

    Great pictures, as always, Maggie. Miss you!

  4. Awww, people of all sizes need care and attention, not just the two legged sort.
    I sure hope they all get their forever homes asap!

  5. Natasha is so floofy and beautiful. Iā€™m glad she is healthy. I hope she will find a forever home and family who will work on solving issues if they appear.
    Adorable photos of kittens šŸ™‚
    Happy Sunday!

  6. At one time or another, every cat I’ve ever owned (I believe its 19 different cats) has had a “pee” issue. About 50% was a physical problem and 50% had to do with other cats (territory, bullying, etc.) in all cases, the issue was resolved. It just took a little effort on my part. I am on the same soap box!

  7. Natasha we are having a problem with Einie who is now known as PeEinie due to our Big Orange (Dad is pretty sure it is that his scent comes in along with Rumpy being very difficult of late due to his medical issues. Dad works with Einie by putting down pads and cleaning. We hope it resolves and he has been to the vet but he will always be welcome. Such cute kitties you have

  8. People’s ignorance about their cats makes me want to hit them about the head – HARD. People are lazy and stupid and utterly selfish.

    Our Dusty was hopeless as a senior with endless litter tray issues and at one point we had plastic sheeting all over the living room. We coped, we managed because we loved Dusty.

    These people do not love their animals. They consider them disposable toys and should be banned from having pets of any kind

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