Finding True Love

For a while in the Spring, the shelter almost emptied out!
But life goes on, and so does the production of kittens.

Uncle Cinnamon has a new bunch of youngsters to watch over.
The kittens come and go while he patiently waits for a home of his own.

There are some beautiful torti girls too.

Little sisters with lovely markings.

Come to PAWS and work with our match makers. They can help you find true love.

8 thoughts on “Finding True Love”

  1. All kitties need a great forever home. It’s our responsibility. Thank you for showcasing little ones that need a forever home.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  2. Wonderful photos of sweet kitties! I hope uncle Cinnamon will find his forever home soon. He sounds like a really good kitty.
    The tortie kitties look so sweet and beautiful 🙂 Purrs xo

  3. Beautiful photos, Maggie! All of the youngsters are so cute, and uber adoptable. Speaking of which, Uncle Cinnamon is the BEST. I shot a short video yesterday of him and Fern playing. Adorable. We sure hope he finds his happily ever after soon. XO

  4. I hope that dear boy, Uncle Cinnamon, gets his forever home soon…He is a beautiful boy!!!

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