Shelter Cats

Noodles and Cookie

Cookie and Noodles came to PAWS together. The girls are nine year old sisters.

Noodles is wondering how they ended up at PAWS

Cookie doesn’t know either!
But as long as they are together, fed and loved, they are sweet, calm, and contented kitties.

Young enough to provide plenty of companionship,
but old enough to know better than to climb curtains,
Cookie and Noodles are ready for adoption!

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Sweet girls. I am glad they have each other for company and will stay together.

2 years ago

You girls are both adorable and we’ll sure be purring for you two.

2 years ago

Cookie and Noodles are such nice kitties. We really enjoyed spending time with them last week, and are looking forward to seeing them this weekend (unless they find their forever home, because we’d be totally okay with that). Beautiful photos, Maggie! XO

2 years ago

Noodles and Cookie are two of the most beautiful girls ever. I sure hope they find their furrever home real quick. Mom and dad got me at the ripe old age of about 13, so don’t fret about finding a home at 9, dear girls.

2 years ago

Cookie and Noodles are very pretty! They both have such beautiful eyes and cute pink nose 🙂
I hope they will find home together and very soon!

2 years ago

I hope these cuties get a forever home soon. XO

Katie Isabella
2 years ago

I love these girls…just seeing their sweet faces. I hope their forever happens quickly! Thank goodness they are still together. I love the beds in there. Where do those come from I wonder? XXOO to them.

2 years ago

What beautiful sisfurs! We are sending purrs and prayers that you get adopted together in a purrfect furever home! Thanks to the PAWS team for all they do for kitties.

Mee-yow wow Cookie an Noodless..THE same thing happened to mee a few yeerss ago….mee ended up inn a Sheltur fore no apparent reeson! It tooked all msot 2 yeerss an mee then found mee furrever home with LadyMew!
Do not give up HOPE! There iss a purrson or furamily out there that will ‘dopt you both an give you a lovelee home…
Mee will purray to Sky Cat to find youss’ a mew home….
**purrss** BellaDharma

2 years ago

They are a beautiful pair of cats. I wish they were closer to us in New Zealand!

Such a sweet kitties. Good Luck Pawkisses to find a furrever home soon???

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