It’s hard to imagine that this four month old charmer will be at PAWS for very long.

I’ll bet he’s already spoken for, but I had to share him anyway.

So funny and cute!

Speaking of cute, two year old Katniss is waiting for a home. She’s a very nice girl who came to the shelter with her babies. Now that they are weaned and Katniss won’t be having anymore kittens, she’s ready for adoption.

If you saw Cookie running around chasing toys, you would’t believe that he’s eleven years old! He came to the shelter when his person died.
Although handsome Cookie is friendly and outgoing, he doesn’t like other cats.

That’s all from PAWS today.
Please stay safe, wear your mask in public, and adopt cats!

11 thoughts on “Casey”

  1. Wow Casey standing up photo is amazing! What a cutie pie 🙂 Katniss and Cookie are adorable, too. I hope they will find their forever homes very soon xo

  2. Precious Casey looks like he is ready for his first day at school!
    I hope his new family is treasuring him as I type!
    Katniss is a beautiful Mom!
    After her time at the PAWS SPA, hope she will be heading home soon!
    And everyone needs a CookIe!
    My 13 year old babies run and play like kittens too!
    This gorgeous boy has lots of playing to do!

  3. Casey is so cute! So cute, in fact, that I wonder if he will still be at PAWS when we are there tomorrow! Katniss is such a sweet little cat — so tiny, especially for having been a mommy. We LOVE Cookie. He’s a really nice boy, isn’t he?

  4. That first photo is just one of the best poses we have ever seen. We love seeing these sweet babies and hope they all find beautiful forever homes. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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