Three year old Laurence came to PAWS as a stray.
The eyes truly are the window into this softie’s soul. He’s a quiet and loving boy.

“Pet me, love me, take me home!”

I have to show you cute Annie. She’s two years old and, most likely, already adopted.

Eva and Evie are only eight weeks old. They are waiting for a foster family.
Meanwhile, there’s a whole lot of mischief going on!

The shelter is slowly allowing volunteers back in the building in limited numbers. We are all observing the rules and being careful.
I hope you and your families are staying safe!

8 thoughts on “Laurence”

  1. We love Laurence and Annie! Your beautiful photos really capture their sweet personalities, Maggie. We bet these wonderful kitties will find their forever homes very soon. XO

  2. Laurence’s whiskers are so gorgeous. He sounds like such a sweet kitty! Great to know Annie is most likely adopted. I hope it will finalize for certain. And Eva & Evie are adorable 🙂
    PAWS kitties must be happy to have volunteer friends back. Stay safe xo

  3. Lovely to see wonderful pictures of these precious babies!
    Someone needs each and every one of them . . .
    May they find them today!

  4. Oh oh OH! What total beauties, each of these babies, and Lawrence has the most expressive face and eyes I have seen.

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