Studio Companions

There are four cat beds and a comfortable chair in my studio for our three cats.

Somehow the bed on my drawing table was always the most popular.
Until recently…

On our last trip to Costco, we bought a little black resin cat for the garden.

Ernie didn’t like the newcomer at all.

When I put the statue on my desk to paint tabby stripes, Mickey, Rufus and Ernie wouldn’t even come in the room! I was going to put the little cat outside in the garden. But could this finally be the solution to keeping everyone off the kitchen counters?

Wishing everyone good health and sweet companionship as we all stay safely home.

15 thoughts on “Studio Companions”

  1. There’s a brilliant way to keep kitties off surfaces you don’t want them on. Way to go.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. LOL I may try that for our kitchen counter! Goro doesn’t like cats so it might work 😀 Or he may try to get rid of it instead!
    Such a great photos of your fur babies. Love the cat statue, too 🙂

  3. So many comfortable spots all-around your studio. That is too funny. Maybe that is the solution to keep them off the kitchen counters. Thanks for the wonderful share. Have a great day and stay safe.

  4. It just might work – MOL! I love that you painted it, I wouldn’t have thought to do that, and certainly would not have done such a good job of it.

  5. I love the updates on your guys Maggie….Boy, Ernie is growing!! We all needed a story like this in light of everything else going on!!! thank you for sending out!!! My Skye had the same reaction when I brought a similar sized ceramic cat home..I was going to use it as an inside door stop, but it bothered him so much, it is now in cabinet, out of his sight path!!! Hoping you all stay safe and well!!!! Take Care….Sue

  6. That’s hysterical. It’s like the boys liked the housepanther, but not the striped tabby cat. They are adorable, Maggie. Thanks for sharing. We hope you and Rick are doing okay in all this present madness. XO

  7. So funny!
    Had a scaredy-cat statue been your intention,
    I am sure it would not have worked.
    Serendipity is the best!
    Great photos of Excellent Cats!
    My guess is the new stripey cat will find its place in the garden . . .
    because you will miss your artist assistants and/or cooking companions!

  8. My gosh! The cat statue I found is small and I put it on the potty tank top to prettify my tiny barroom. If I had a glorious bog one like yours…ooo la la..I would LOVE it. I belong to Costco but not sure where in the store to look for things like that.
    Boys…Katie says she is comin g for ya…get ready to be smooched and bathed.

  9. BATHROOM for pete sake. Not barroom. Mom is laffing at her mistake. Bog? Sheesh mom, how about big?

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