Max, Harvey, and Charlie

Max was quite timid when he came to PAWS, but he’s becoming a real charmer!

He’s still a big kitten, full of energy.

Handsome Harvey is friendly and outgoing.

He’s an expert at Hammock Yoga.

And then there’s sweet three year old Charlie.
She came to PAWS when her person passed away.

Please visit PAWS where these, and many more exceptional cats, are waiting.

10 thoughts on “Max, Harvey, and Charlie”

  1. Awww they are all so adorable! I’m very impressed with Harvey’s hammock yoga skills 🙂 Very sad for Charlie that her human passed away. Glad these sweethearts are safe and loved at PAWS. I hope they will find forever homes very soon!

  2. This is my thought process on this post … “Max is the most adorable man cat EVER! Look at his nose and his bi-colored paw pads!!! [swoon]” “Oh, MY CAT! Harvey is the most gorgeous boy cat EVER! That ginger fur and nose freckles!!! [swoon]” “CHARLIE! What a gorgeous girl! Her eyes are windows to her soul! [swoon].” I’m detecting a pattern … yes, I’m a cat person … but these three just hit it out of the ballpark!

  3. My what beautiful eyes you all have!
    How could anyone pick just one of these!
    Such great faces all!
    That Harvey’s fur is such an exquisite color!

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