Simon’s perky ears and cute markings make him look perpetually surprised.
You might be surprised that this busy kittenish guy is five years old. And how did such a friendly cat end up at PAWS as a stray?

He’s not saying…

Simon is enjoying the sunshine at the shelter, safe from the Connecticut Winter. He gets along nicely with other felines, or would be a cheerful companion as an only cat. Read more about Simon HERE.

17 thoughts on “Simon”

  1. Simon, we are very happy to meet you. We just love the photo of you enjoying some sunshine. We hope the next sunshine you get to enjoy will be at your forever home soon. Thanks for sharing the sweet photos. Have a great day and good luck Simon.

  2. Simon is such a good boy! He’s so handsome, and really sweet. His awesome personality shines through in your photos, Maggie. We hope he finds his happily ever after soon! XO

  3. Simon is a very handsome boy. His perky ears are so charming 🙂
    In the last photo, he looks extra gorgeous with sun shining on his fur. I hope he will find his forever home very soon!

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