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2 years ago

Getting approval from the cats is key. Well done.

Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

Have a purrfect Awww Monday and week. ♥

2 years ago

That is just terrific. My cats would love something like that. Well done.

The new perch looks lovely.

2 years ago

WOW Rick, ya done good, that’s darn amazing and comfy looking too.

2 years ago

Rick is very talented and so kind to use his talents to help kitties.

2 years ago

Wow, that is fantastic! Rick is really skilled and you are both so thoughtful to make the living environment for kitties so wonderful! Looks like it’s a cat magnet 🙂

Susan Carrick
2 years ago

Wish there was a “Rick” and “Maggie” at every shelter..well done!!! love this new design….

What a lovely place for kitties to feel safe and keep an eye on the goings-on!
Thank you for sharing at

2 years ago

A Privacy Perch!
Just what the felines ordered!
Very clever Rick!
Excellent kitty assistants too!

2 years ago

Janet was up there when we visited on Sunday. She loves it! Thank you, Rick and Maggie, for all you do for the PAWS cats. They (and we) are so lucky to have you! XO

2 years ago

Wow Dad took notice of those cool wall beds and we will be getting some too. Thanks

2 years ago

My crew is petitioning for Rick to come & catify my house! Er. I mean. THEIR house!

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