When two year old Shadow first came to PAWS, he was shy and hesitant to make friends. He quickly adjusted and started showing his true affectionate personality.

Shadow likes other cats and has been visiting Chuck Norris.

They share shelter gossip.

You remember Chuck, right? He’s such a big wonderful cat, it’s a mystery that he’s still at PAWS.

He’s eight years old, still playful and fun to be around.

Life at PAWS is pretty good.
But a real forever home would make life perfect.

11 thoughts on “Shadow”

  1. We love both Shadow and Chuck Norris. We are so happy they’ve become buddies. 🙂

    Paws crossed that they both find their happily ever afters real soon!

  2. Shadow is very handsome and Goro agrees. They look like brofurs, though Goro doesn’t like other kitties 😀 It’s very surprising Chuck Norris is still waiting. I hope they both find their forever home very soon xo

  3. oh Maggie..just love him…he reminds me of my Blu!!…Wouldn’t it be lovely if they both got adopted together!! Here’s hoping they find their forever home very quickly…Thanks for another great story…and 98 year old friend in New Zealand loves these when I send them to her

  4. Precious pictures of the dashing duo!
    Maybe their perfect home is together!
    Wonder what shelter secret they shared . . .

  5. I hope these cuties get their forever homes soon. My heart breaks knowing Shadow has been in the shelter for so long. My Angel Snowball and my KaTwo were both in a NJ shelter that long. XO

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