Hello Columbus!

Nine year old Columbus is making friends and adjusting nicely to shelter life.
He came to PAWS when his senior person had to move into a care facility.
It must have been so hard to leave this sweet boy behind.

His front leg was shaved during recent dental work. Columbus has passed his vet tests with flying colors.

At nap time, Columbus loves to burrow under towels or bedding.

Winter is coming!
Wouldn’t you love to cuddle up with Columbus?

13 thoughts on “Hello Columbus!”

  1. So sad that his personal assistant had to let him go. It’s makes both of them sad.

    Columbus is a handsome mancat and I hope he finds a forever home soon.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday and week, Columbus. ♥

  2. I will never understand why those who CAN take care of their cats, cannot have them. They let dogs live there…why not cats? Um, Rufus, Katie had not thought of draping over my neck and batting my nose until YOU said something. I hope she doesn’t perfect her new skill tonight. It’s 6, and I am already yawning 5hanks to her facial this morning. And heaving herself across my face and head. .

  3. Columbus is such a handsome kitty. I’m sorry his person had to give him up. Must have been very difficult. I hope he will find new home very soon xoxo

  4. We’re so sad that Columbus could not stay with his human. He is such an awesome cat, and we can tell he was loved very much. We hope he finds his new forever home very soon.

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