Shelter Cats

Mason Too

Mason Too has become a favorite with staff and volunteers at PAWS.
He’s staying in a room with cages for now, but don’t worry, he gets plenty of time out and attention.

He loves the wall hammock and can be quite an acrobat.

This is three year old Mason’s second stay at the shelter. He developed some litter box issues in his previous home and was returned. But all medical reasons have been ruled out and he’s been perfect while at PAWS.

Mason Too is playful, charming, and very friendly.

He’s available at PAWS for adoption or fostering as a trial run.

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he looks a very sweet boy.

2 years ago

He sure is a handsome mancat. I hope someone gives him another chance at a forever home.

Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

Mason, you look like a very sweet mancat. We hope your next forever home is right around the corner. You have such gorgeous eyes. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Have a wonderful rest of your week.

2 years ago

He is so handsome. I wish I could adopt him. XO

2 years ago

Sorry you went to the wrong home pal, it happened to me too so your real home is coming.

Sue Carrick
2 years ago

What a handsome boy!!! You will find the right forever home soon Mason..!!!

2 years ago

What a Sweetie! Adorable pictures.
Perhaps Mason did not like “that” home and knew PAWS would give him a wonderful place to be while he auditioned new homes. After all kitties should get to have a say so too! His real home is coming soon!

2 years ago

He’s very handsum. We’re sharin’ and purrayin’. Big hugs

Luv ya’

Dezi and Raena

2 years ago

Mason Too is very handsome and he looks so happy on hammock 🙂 I hope he will find his real forever home very soon!

2 years ago

I really want to go off on his former owners … he looks so sweet – with his soul visible in his eyes.

2 years ago

Mason Too is such an awesome kitty! Yes, he definitely is a volunteer and staff favorite. You really captured his amazing personality with your awesome pics. 🙂

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