Chuck Norris and the Princess

Chuck Norris is a big manly seven year old cat with a heart of gold.

He was happy in his home as an only cat, but he couldn’t adjust to the changes in the household as his family added another feline and a dog. He really is a wonderful cat, but he needs a quiet home where he can be the king of the castle… which segues into Princess!

This is her Royal Highness Princess.

She is a very friendly five year old who came to PAWS as a stray.
Here she is trying on her feather boa.

Did I mention that Princess is playful too?

You can read about Chuck Norris and Princess, just click on the links. Better yet, come meet them at PAWS!

21 thoughts on “Chuck Norris and the Princess”

  1. They are both lovely. It is sad that his family decided to surrender him when it had been his home and he couldn’t get on with the new pets. So many questions, and I hope it wasn’t a case of replace the old with the new.

  2. Heartbreaking that Chuck’s former humans were so selfish like that. He was there first, after all. He’s a great mancat, and we hope he finds a real forever family soon. As for Princess, we LOVE her. She’s a lapcat on top of it all. Beautiful photos of these two special kitties, Maggie!

  3. I am trying VERY VERY HARD not to want to smack the family hard across the head for the brainless and heartless attitude to Chuck Norris. Really I am (sorry I am SO over being nice to heartless people).

    Chuck my boy if I was in the US and cat-less I would love to have you. Instead I offer my deepest hopes for a loving couple or widow who will spoil you for ever and ever.

    * Gentle hugs *

    PS Princess will, I am sure, be a boa-tiful companion cat too.

  4. OH Chuck, I hope you get the BEST forever home!!! What kind of heartless person(s) could give you up, you sweet boy!!! You are a handsome boy and I hope you find a great new home soon..

    Princess you are adorable. I hope you find a great new forever home too sweetheart.

    Great pics Maggie..Thanks for sharing these great pics and stories with us!!!

  5. Awww, they are both good looking kitties. It’s a shame when you add to the mix and it creates a mess for a kitty. Some need others and some don’t.

    I hope these two find a forever home and soon.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday and week. ♥

  6. Not very fair to Chuck. We live with Lucy the One and Only Cat…we’d never break her rules! We have had numerous cats over the years, but Lucy insists that she be the One and Only!

  7. I really don’t get why Chuck had to end up in the shelter. I hope his former humans will not do the same thing to their new fur kids.
    He and Princess are both adorable. I hope they will find forever homes they deserve!

  8. Heartbreaking that Chuck was removed from his home when the newcomers came. He looks like such a nice cat. Hope he finds a wonderful home.

  9. Lovely cats both. I hope they soon find homes. Like the other commenters, I have to wonder at the lack of loyalty on the part of Chuck’s former humans.

  10. We feel so sorry for Chuck. He is such a wonderful looking mancat. We hope you both find fantastic forever homes soon. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos. Have a great day and good luck to you both

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