Shelter Cats

Welcome to Cat Room #1

I spend quite a bit of my Sunday mornings cleaning cages and visiting my friends in Cat Room #1. Yes, Sharky is still waiting for adoption. When it’s his turn out of the cage, he doesn’t waste any time.

Two of Sharky’s hobbies are lounging in the wall hammock and enthusiastically hunting.

Oreo, like Sharky, needs an experienced adopter who understands that not all cats enjoy being picked up and handled. But they still make great companions. Who knows, over time, with the love of a patient family, they might become lap cats!

Treasure and Oreo have become shelter buddies, and can often be found hanging out together.
Here’s Treasure multi-tasking; enjoying her favorite scratcher and counting her toys.

These three cats have been overlooked for adoption because of their independent lively personalities. But those qualities will ensure that they will make great pets.
Visit them in Cat Room #1 at PAWS in Norwalk, CT.

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