Shelter Cats

Better in Pairs

Eight year old Ginny is on the left, her nine year old sister Lila is on the right.
They are a bonded pair who came to PAWS when their people moved to a home that didn’t allow pets.

Both Ginny and Lila have calm affectionate personalities.

Next: introducing Boo Boo. He and his brother Theodore are seven years old.
A new family member developed allergies, and the boys were brought to PAWS.

Theodore and Boo Boo are big, handsome, friendly boys.

Spending Sunday mornings cleaning the Shelter is way better in pairs.
Here are two of our team of kind, hard working regulars: Brett (left) and Jo Ann (right).

Just a note about the lovely outfits!
We all wear assorted baggy surgical scrubs while at PAWS, to keep the cats healthy and avoid spreading disease.

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