Cuddles & Company

Cuddles is a sweet but shy 4 year old female. She was brought to PAWS because she wasn’t getting along with the other cats in her home.

The vet at PAWS determined that she had a painful urinary tract infection. Now that she’s feeling better, she’s living quite peacefully in Cat Room 5 with other nice cats.

Handsome gray Matt and his BFF Daphne are two of Cuddles’ roommates.

They would be great companions for someone who doesn’t want an annoying needy lap cat. Daphne and Matt would never climb curtains, throw loud parties, or take over the remote control.
They found each other at the shelter, and it would be wonderful if they could be adopted together.

12 thoughts on “Cuddles & Company”

  1. Poor Cuddles! Why didn’t her owners think to find out if she had a problem which was causing her to not get on with the other cats. She is probably better off away from that home. I hope she soon gets the kind and loving forever home she deserves.

  2. Cuddles is so beautiful. She looks a lot like Goro 🙂 Glad her UTI is treated and I hope she finds her forever home very soon. And I hope Daphne and Matt will find a home together!

  3. Cuddles is SUCH a sweet cat. Fabulous shots of her, Maggie!We love her, and know she will be a great BFF for a very lucky adopter. The cats on Room 5 are terrific, aren’t they? And yes, Matt and Daphne … BFFs, for sure!

  4. Cuddles, Matt and Daphne are all such beautiful kitties indeed. I sure hope they find their furrever homes real soon. I’m fortunate at my age to have been adopted from a place that was filled with a bunch of youngsters.

  5. Cuddles, we are so glad they discovered what was going on with you. And Matt and Daphne, we so hope you find home where you can be together. We know that PAWS will work hard to have this happen. Have a great Sunday.

  6. Now that is a special story and one that deserves a very happy ending for all three.
    Lots of purrs to all those charming cats at PAWS.

  7. oh that is a match made in heaven..what a picture of the two of them together…hope they find their “together forever home” soon…

  8. Ooh Aren’t Daphne and Matt just a beautiful pair. We are late coming to visit for the selfies, sorry!

    Have a great week!

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

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