New Friends at PAWS

This is Pj. I really want to say that she is the cat’s pajamas, but that’s such a bad joke (sorry).
Pj is a very sweet one year old cat who came to PAWS with several other cats when their person was evicted from their home.
Next up: Lady Jane.

Here, she is showing her regal side.

But Lady Jane is also a playful young cat .

Meet Cameron! He’s five years old, handsome, and very friendly. I spent quite a while visiting and petting him Sunday. I saw absolutely no signs of the “behavior issues” that had him consigned to death row at a high kill shelter in NYC.
PAWS to the rescue!
These beautiful cats, and many more, are waiting at PAWS in Norwalk, CT. CLICK HERE to fill out an application and get pre-approved for adoption.

14 thoughts on “New Friends at PAWS”

  1. They are all beautiful! I’m so glad Cameron was rescued from high kill shelter and is now in loving care at PAWS. I hope they will find forever homes very soon!

  2. GREAT JOB you guys for saving these sweethearts and giving these kitties a second chance at finding their forever homes!!! You are angels for do great work!!!

  3. Beautiful babies. I’ve made that Cat’s Pajamas joke to my cat before and got the exact same look PJ is giving you in the first photo. I’m always looking for cute and funny cat and dogitude photos so please link up if you have a chance.

  4. We met PJ and Lady Jane last weekend, and they are both wonderful! You really captured their personalities in these photos, Maggie. 🙂

    We didn’t meet Cameron, but he sounds like an awesome mancat. He surely is handsome.

  5. Oh you beauties. My mom wishes she could have EVERYONE! If she had a zillion dollars she would sure have a bunch.

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