Nellie is playful and very friendly to people. She’s an excellent model; look at her flirtatious poses!

Some people would like to limit their family to a one and only cat, but they worry that the cat might miss the company of other felines.
Young Nellie is the cat for them! She would be happier if she were the only cat on the planet.

Nellie would love to welcome you to PAWS, come visit!

18 thoughts on “Nellie”

  1. Nellie is super beautiful. Her flirtatious poses melt everyone’s heart 🙂 I hope she will find her purrfect forever home very soon!

  2. Nellie is beautiful!! My Angel Bobo was like Nellie, that’s why I only had one pet (cat OR dog) the ENTIRE 18 years of his life. He wanted NO OTHER 4-legged being in his territory MOL

  3. Nellie, you are just too beautiful. We just love your gorgeous eyes. We wish you well with finding a furever home really soon. Great seeing the lovely photos of you. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day and good luck too you.

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