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Announcing a New Family Member

When you have a harmonious home, with two wonderful well adjusted cats like Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red, why rock the boat?

I don’t know the answer to that question.
One Sunday morning, while doing my regular cleaning work at PAWS, I saw this eight month old polydactyl boy, and evidently lost my mind.
That afternoon, I suggested Rick take some measurements at the shelter for a catification project. And, by the way, want to see a cute cat?

He was named Count Detoes at PAWS, but we changed his name to Ernie. He spent two weeks quarantined in our guest bedroom until his retest was negative for parasites. Then the introduction to his new feline brothers began.

It has been eventful!
After ten days, Mickey is coming out of hiding. I think if we understood the language of cats, we’d have to wash his mouth out with soap.
Rufus has been fully engaged: chasing and being chased, wrestling, looking for a quiet place to escape for a nap before entering the fray once more.

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