Her name is listed as “Reckless”, but that must refer to her previous owners.
They left her in a carrier outside a vet’s office. Fortunately, she was brought to PAWS.

Here’s Reckless playing cat and mouse.
She’s a friendly cat who enjoys attention; brushing, petting, playing are all welcome activities. Her age is estimated at six years old.
Reckless is currently waiting at PAWS for the forever family she deserves.

Around the Shelter

Louie needed a drink and went directly to the source! Don’t worry, we made sure he didn’t get stuck. Click on the link to read about him and his brother Mac.

Sebastian sitting pretty. He and his sister Sherry are shelter favorites because of their wonderful personalities.

10 thoughts on “Reckless!”

  1. Reckless is a gorgeous kitty. I hope she will find a forever home with loving and caring family!
    Louie is such a character 🙂 And Sebastian is looking super handsome!
    Have a great weekend xo

  2. Hey Maggie, guess what? Reckless got adopted today! Your awesome post must have brought her good luck. 🙂

    Now, if it will just work out the same way for Mac and Louie, and Sherry and Sebastian, too!

  3. WOW, Reckless sure is a delight to see, and by the looks of it a character too! MOL . Having just seen the comment from MeowMeowMans above, clearly she won the heart and was a delight for a lucky family in the US who have adopted her now.
    Toodle pips

  4. Reckless…she needs a name worthy of her, is so fortunate to be at PAWS. I am deeply grateful she is. What a gorgeous beautiful girl. The only thing I can say for her former caretakers is…they at least didn’t turn her out onto the streets, thanks be given for that! What a precious trio you have shown us today.

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