Shelter Cats

Bon Bon

Here’s a laid-back six year old cat waiting at PAWS.
Bon Bon is as sweet as his name.

He likes other cats and calmly accepted a kiss from Sebastian.

Come to PAWS and meet Bon Bon and his 7 roommates in the Lobby Room!

How do you get 8 cats in an 8X10 room to live peacefully together?
Catification and a Feliway diffuser!
Right Mimi, Mayo and Sebastian?

Right Mandolin and Mimi?

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3 years ago

Bon Bon is quite handsome! We use a good amount of Feliway in our house, too!

3 years ago

Bon Bon, you sure are one good looking cat. Good job getting eight cats to live together. You all have a fantastic week end.

3 years ago

We straight up LOVE Bon Bon. He’s such a nice boy! The cats in the showcase room get along so well, and the catification you and Rick did is such a huge part of the harmony they enjoy. 🙂

3 years ago

Bon Bon is such a handsome guy!

3 years ago

Bon Bon sounds such a sweetheart! He does look very gentle and super adorable 🙂
PAWS kitties are so lucky to have wonderful living space with lots of shelves and comfy spots!

S Hall
3 years ago

My kind of Bon Bon!

Such an adorable guy and so well behaved together too. How you guys ever let those guys go is beyond me as I’d want to have them all. But a good home is a must so I do understand.
Great selfies from everyone there at PAWS today!
Toodle pips and adoption purrs

3 years ago

Such a cutie! I hope he gets a forever home soon.

3 years ago

Bon Bon is such a handsome dude and looks so gentle too. I hope someone recognizes how special he is soon.

3 years ago

I heard Bon Bon got adopted.

3 years ago

There is no way to leave a comment on Mr. Boots. I hope he finds a forever home and soon. It’s a shame when their peeps are without employment and then lose their home.

Thanks for joining Awww Mondays. ♥

3 years ago

We have a whole house and can’t get along. Everyone is so precious, and those aqua eyes of yours, Bon Bon, are amazing. We love the photo of Sebastian giving you a smooch. We send prayers that all of you soon get your forever homes. Thanks for hoping.XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

3 years ago

Mandolin is still there?!?! Looks like Bon Bon makes friends easily. And handsome to boot!

3 years ago

What a sweet boy!

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