Shelter Cats

Cats of Kotor

On our vacation we stopped in Kotor, Montenegro.

We saw this sign posted on the wall, down a narrow winding street:

How could cat people resist the lure?

Along the way, Rick stopped to greet one of our Rufus’ cousins.

The Museum was full of cat ephemera; antique postcards, manuscripts, prints, and paintings.

Kotor is a feline friendly town. We saw many happy cats napping on the sun warmed stones.

It was a wonderful trip. But we have promised Rufus and Mickey that we won’t go wandering again any time soon.

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4 years ago

You sure got to see some sweeties! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

4 years ago

Awww, adorable and then some. I’m sure your babies are glad you’re not wandering around anymore.

I linked this post to Awww Mondays. I hope you don’t mind.

Have a purrfect Awww Monday. My best to your peeps. ♥

4 years ago

Wow you visited Montenegro. It looks like a beautiful place!
Love the sign of Cats Museum 🙂 And sweet kitties! Glad you had a wonderful trip. Rufus and Mickey Mouser must be so happy you are home 🙂

Sue Carrick
4 years ago

I LOVED this article…WOW, thanks so much for sharing with us!!! …..You do an amazing job with these communications..I was beginning to miss them…so I am glad you are back…….Great job you guys!!!

I can tell though that your kitties are happy to have you back home too !!!

Mary Ellroy
4 years ago

Yay!! welcome home!! The expression on Rufus’ face is priceless!

4 years ago

Great photos, thank you for sharing.

4 years ago

I love that museum and the pics

S Hall
4 years ago

Yes! LOL! Rufus’ expression is priceless!
Kotor Kitties don’t hold a candle to him . . .
And those Kotor Kitties are Wonderful!
Thank you for sharing your travels!

4 years ago

As nice as it is to see new things, one’s heart is always where her kitties are.

4 years ago

Isn’t it funny how cat people always find cats wherever they go? So glad you and Rick had such a great vacation. Welcome home — we (and the PAWS cats) missed you! 🙂

4 years ago

Oh wow, thanks for sharing your adventure with us! These pictures look absolutely lovely, especially the museum!

4 years ago

oh that looks like it was sooooo much fun!

4 years ago

Thank you for sharing these lovely pussy’s! So happy you enjoyed your travels!

4 years ago

So glad you all had a good trip and got to include the cats that you saw there too. What fun. You all have a super duper day.

4 years ago

Looks like a lovely little cat town! I bet Rufus and Mickey were happy to have you home.

Katie Isabella
4 years ago

I am glad to see you again! Rufus, I know you are glad!!! I doubt I’ll travel much any longer but at least I have been many places. Wish I were there though to see the welcome cats there.

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