Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Springtime at PAWS

Flowers are popping open, kittens, with and without Mommies, are appearing at the shelter.
This tiny tiger is thriving, defying all odds thanks to TLC from PAWS’ Cat Lady in Chief. Imagine, Ellen has been bottle feeding four Motherless kittens since they were a week old!
Elsewhere in the shelter…

Here is Al Cat overseeing the Spring cleaning and freshening up of Cat Room #3.
He is a loving calm eight year old, and very good company. Al is diabetic and may need insulin and/or a special diet for the rest of his life. Don’t worry, he gets lots of love and excellent care while he waits for his special someone.

You can see how bothered he is by all the sanding and scraping!

Cat Room #3 looks bright and cheerful.

Naomi is still at PAWS and has amassed a great collection of toys.

Two year old Calico girl Patches certainly won’t wait at PAWS very long. She’s playful and friendly.
Happy Spring from PAWS!

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