Sunday at PAWS

Meet young Chatty Cathy!
She’s an excellent conversationalist, fluent in Cat and in People.
Cathy is friendly but shy; loves being brushed, and talks up a storm.

Next: Kittens!

These are ready to open a massage parlor in your very own home.

Need mentoring in the Art of Relaxation?
Three year old Maddy can help you achieve your goals.

If you are interested in adopting from PAWS in Norwalk CT, fill out an application before visiting and get pre-approved!

18 thoughts on “Sunday at PAWS”

  1. OMC such adorable kitties! I bet kitten massage parlor will be very popular 🙂
    I hope they will find forever homes very soon xo

  2. That’s a really nice photo of Chatty Cathy, Maggie. She’s such a sweet kitty, but still adjusting to life at PAWS. Those kittens are so fun. We spent some time with them today, and they made us laugh with their antics! And Maddy? We adore that wonderful lap cat!

  3. They all look like such great adoptions. Chatty Cathy is just too cute. We all have our paws crossed that they all find home and soon. Maggie, you and your have a great day.

  4. Beautiful photos! Beautiful kitties! With such gorgeous photos posted like these, forever families ought to be lined up out the door. We sure hope so!

  5. Get Chatty C. some new reading material!
    Maybe the funny papers will brighten her prospects!

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