Shelter Cats

(Mostly) Black Cat Friday

When you come to PAWS, Emily will greet you in the Lobby Room.
She’s a gentle, playful, leggy one year old.

Friendly supervisor Black Jack is one of her roommates. He must be adopted with his sister Miss Kitty. She is a smaller version of Black Jack and of a more retiring nature. They are eight years old.
But wait, I have more to show you!

Van Zant is a charming and handsome young cat. It’s a mystery that he’s still at PAWS three months after his arrival. He has a big fan club among staff and volunteers.

Van Zant is in Cat Room #8 with Oreo and…

She is a sweet and attentive five year old ex-stray who is ready and very willing to be part of your family.
Her ear shape is the result of untended infections when she was outside. Poor Pukka scratched at her itchy ears to the point that they are now crinkled. She finally got the medical care she needed at PAWS. Pukka is now healthy and ready to find a home.

Is your forever sweetheart waiting at PAWS? You can fill out an adoption application online and come to the shelter.

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4 years ago

Oh they all look good. Nothing better than black cats. All mine are just wonderful cats. Hope they find homes soon. Wish you weren’t so far away, I would love to have Pukka. You all have a great week end.

4 years ago

Beauties, all of them! That Pukka, what a face on her!

4 years ago

Y’all are such a mighty fine looking bunch and we hope you all get to go home, soon!

4 years ago

They are all so cute, I wish I could adopt them all. I hope they get their forever homes soon. XO

4 years ago

Oreo and Black Jack also look as if they are related. We thought he and Emily made a cute couple, but since he has to be adopted with sister Kitty, Emily might become the third wheel. Anyway, we think you know by now that we love all the PAWS kitties. Mom would adopt our sponsored cat, Taylor, in a heartbeat if she could. Hope some kitty from PAWS will join us for tomorrow’s selfie blog hop. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

Katie Isabella
4 years ago

I wish *I* could have them all too. They all belong with Katie! Oh they are beautiful. Precious and so deserving.

Sue Carrick
4 years ago

They all look wonderful!!! Hope they find their forever homes soon!!! Great job on the write-ups and photos…I can’t understand how anyone could resist these cuties!!!!

S Hall
4 years ago

Black is Beautiful!

4 years ago

They are all so beautiful and adorable! I remember reading about Pukka at Meowmeowmans’ blog. So glad she got treatments at PAWS for her ears. I hope they’ll find forever homes very soon! xo

4 years ago

Pukka is adorable and we know about ear infections and how they can cause such a thing when a kitty lives as a community cat and goes untreated. Purrs to all with hopes of forever homes asap

4 years ago

What absolute beauties! Sending many purrs their way for the right and perfect forever homes to show up where they are adored and cherished! We hope that you are having a wonderful 2018 so far and wish you a continued year of peace, joy, health and prosperity! Lot of love from us…

Clooney, Neytiri, Karyn

4 years ago

We’ll take them all. Wait, TW says we can’t but we’d like to. She’s totally smitten with Pukka cos she loved Chizzy and his cauliflower ear.

4 years ago

As always, you’ve captured all of our beautiful friends perfectly, Maggie! That shot of Emily is the best. 🙂

Every one adorable and a fine feline for any family to adopt! Pukka touches my heart very much and I hope potential adopters will look past her ears, alas many will not. But I got a home so I am sure she will too!
Toodle pips and purrs

4 years ago

Amazing kitties, we love black cats here, Parsley our resident house-panther can vouch for that! MOL

Thanks for joining in The Pet Parade!

Best purrs

Basil & Co xox

4 years ago

We love black cats. Thank you kindly for stopping by our post for Mr Kitty. It was so appreciated.

4 years ago

So many tuxes … all dressed up and ready to go! We think black cats are the very best … though we admit we might be a bit biased.

4 years ago

Awww how cute are these,xx Speedy

4 years ago

Black cats are so gorgeous! Love that pic with a paw up, ready to play!

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