Bella’s Boudoir

Bella’s first few years (!) at PAWS were a difficult adjustment for her.
She really doesn’t like other cats and that made it hard for her to shine when shown to potential adopters.

Now that she has a room of her own, it’s a different story!

Bella is playful and relaxed.

I have to admit that there was a little catnip party on Sunday, but she wasn’t driving, so it was OK.

Bella is about ten years old. She wants a person to call her very own and would take very good care of that lucky someone!
Please visit Bella in her boudoir at PAWS.

14 thoughts on “Bella’s Boudoir”

  1. Bella is the BEST! We love her, and always make sure we hang out with her whenever we visit. She’s sweet and funny, and she even loves her some lap time. Oh, and about that catnip … good thing you didn’t let her drive. πŸ™‚

  2. Bella is such an adorable kitty! How great she has a room of her own but of course, she so deserves a forever home of her own πŸ™‚

  3. Bella is a cutie!! I hope she finds her forever home soon!! Who could resist such a little sweetheart!!!!

  4. Oh Bella, beautiful girl, we are the same age. You could take excellent care of a family. Just as I do here with mine. Please smile and be sweet as you are there so that someone will just fall totally in love. XXX

  5. Bella is really cute! I know it’s hard to find a person for kitties who want to be only cats because so many of us who would love to take them home already have kitties at home. I hope that someone will come along and scoop this adorable little girl up. She deserves a great and loving human and home!

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