A Sneak Peak with Mio

More catification is underway at PAWS and handsome Mio is the perfect spokesmodel.
We have new kitty condos with a lot more room thanks to the generosity of the Diageo company. PAWS volunteers raised money to buy paint and supplies.

Mio is demonstrating the kitty climbing wall designed and built by my talented husband Rick. Walls were sanded and repaired (thank you, Cheryl), and I painted bright happy colors.

This is the poster you can see hanging on the wall behind Mio. Kevin Hattori and Tracey Peden wrote the copy, and we used Kevin’s photograph in the design.
It’s the perfect message for our refurbished room.

Mio is a big relaxed dude who appreciates his three floor, 6 foot high enclosure, but it’s no substitute for a home and family to supervise.

I’ll show you more pictures when we finish the room.

17 thoughts on “A Sneak Peak with Mio”

  1. Wow what a great catification! I love the beautiful design and colors on the wall. And the great wall hanging with such a wonderful message! PAWS kitties are really lucky to have such caring people and purrfect environment while waiting for their forever homes. Mio is so handsome and I hope he finds his home very soon! xo

  2. We absolutely LOVE that room! The colors are beautiful and we want to steal your wall idea for our cat room. Love your poster, too. It goes perfectly in there and is so true. There’s a forever home for all!

  3. PAWS is a dream come true. It makes ME happy all the way here in TN. I am grateful for PAWS and for for what it stands for and it’s loving volunteers. You are what love is. And the shelter is way love is as well. Thank you. ❤️

  4. This looks like such a happy room to wait for your person,
    but just the same, I hope your person comes for you very soon!

  5. Fantastic work you guys!!! Love, love, love it….you do beautiful cat rooms and great write-ups to promote your kitties……Well done!!! Just love reading these weekly reports. You have the biggest hearts providing such loving care for all the cats that come through your doors while they wait for their forever homes!!! I print off your weekly sheets and send to a friend in New Zealand who just loves reading all the updates too!!! You are all truly angels for the cats!! WELL DONE!!!!

  6. Tracey and I hung out with the meeting room cats yesterday, and were remarking about the amazing transformation its undergone. Thank you, Maggie and Rick! It’s really become a happy and wonderful place for Mio and the other kitties as they await their happily ever afters. Love to you! Gracie, Ava, Tracey and Kevin.

  7. What a great job you are doing at PAWS to make it the best home away from home ever. Mio is quite handsome. We love how you have honored Boop. Will you all be doing that for others who have found there forever homes? Will look forward to seeing more of the refurbished rooms. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  8. What an inspiring room, poster, and a handsome guy! You all have worked so well, and great to see Diageo getting involved and helping to make a real difference where it’s needed. Here’s to Mio finding that forever home, and to PAWS carrying on the great work.
    Toodle pips & purrs

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