Ulysses S. Cat

The “S” stands for Sweetheart. The card on Ulysses’ cage says that he was a stray, but somewhere in his short (one year) life, he figured out that when people sit down, an amazing thing happens: a lap is formed, creating a very comfortable perch.

He has a handsome coat and enjoys a little light brushing.

Ulysses has a playful friendly personality.
If you visit him at PAWS, have a seat, form a lap, and make a new friend!

15 thoughts on “Ulysses S. Cat”

  1. Precious Post!
    Copy & Cat!
    I love it when you show lots of pictures of one kitty
    and show their personality in pictures with words!
    How could anyone resist this Sweetheart!

  2. Ulysses is totally amazing and we’ll purray extra hard that his purrfect peeps and furever home is on its way asap!


    Basil & Co xox

  3. My goodness, Ulysses is such an adorable, gorgeous kitty! I love his tongue action in the 2nd picture 🙂 I bet he will find his home soon!

  4. I love seeing lots of pictures of the same cat like that too. The pictures are professional and lovingly done. I love Ulysses. He is so pretty. XXX

  5. Hi Maggie! Awesome photos of adorable, adoptable Ulysses. He’s an amazing kitty; so crazy to think he was found as a stray!

    Oh, and by the way … I just posted about him, too. MOL. 🙂

  6. Wow! What a magnificent boy you are, Ulysses! And to hear you are a sweetheart and a lap lover, too? We are certain your forever family will be coming to collect you soon.

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