Shelter Cats

Happy New Year!

2017 was a very good year for the hundreds of cats and kittens who were cared for at PAWS, while they waited for new homes.
Some of them came in and went out quickly; but others, like the cats shown above, waited years before their special someones came to claim them.

Thank goodness for shelters like PAWS with the staff, volunteers, space, and resources to keep them in good spirits and health for however long it takes.
Merritt, Shadow & Sparky, Buddy, Sarah, and Boop finally have forever homes.

Every week I see evidence of love and generosity that gives me hope-
even in these difficult times.
Thank you for reading my blog.
I wish you a furry happy New Year!

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”
— Immanuel Kant

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