Shelter Cats

Everybody’s a Critic

Mindy always seemed to enjoy the nesting box on the wall that Rick built and I decorated…

Taylor and Daphne were also fans.

But recently I noticed that something was amiss.
Back to the drawing board!

Rufus and I got right to work painting a new panel.

Back at PAWS, we’re ready for customers. I thought a feline critic decided it was time to redecorate, but maybe someone liked it so much that he or she ate it.
What do you think?

Mindy, Taylor, and Daphne are all shy cats who have been on an extended stay at PAWS. They are gentle quiet souls who would love a home with other felines.

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Katie Isabella
4 years ago

Oh MINDY! My mom said you are THE one. Well, there are many The One’s there. But she was very attracted to you because you could be a member of my family.

Hey, I think the others just wanted some fresh flowers. But they may have noticed that there was something lacking. Maybe freshness and, um, well…tenderness. But aren’t those paintings beeyooteefuls?

4 years ago

Mindy, you are one smart gal to get in that picture. We love all the panels. You all have a super duper week end.

4 years ago

Mindy, you are one beautiful girl, and that is some beautiful art on the boxes. Best to you!

4 years ago

Mindy is such a pretty gal. Hey, tasty art is often the best kind and your art always looks yummy!

4 years ago

Hmm, we wonder who in Room 5 decided to sample your tasty artwork, Maggie?

I would go with number 2–they liked it so much they wanted to eat it!It’s gorgeous! You are talented!

I think she was just trying to add value. I bet if you auction it off you’d get a lot of money for it

4 years ago

So happy to see our sponsored-cat Taylor here today. He is featured on today’s blog hop as well. Your new art is even more spectacular than the original. Looks to us as if someone just wanted some new decor. Purring and praying all of these sweeties get forever homes. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

4 years ago

Your paintings are so beautiful! Probably someone thought it would taste beautiful, too 🙂
Mindy, Taylor, and Daphne are all adorable and I hope special someone will find them very soon! xo

4 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous painting!!! Bear loves to “redecorate” too … that’s why I’ll never get the deposit back on my condo!

4 years ago

That painting is amazing. I hope these cuties get a forever home soon. XO

4 years ago

Your artwork is beautiful! Rufus looks like an excellent helper.

4 years ago

Wow, your artwork is so gorgeous, absolutely love your paintings…the “redecorator” must have found the painting irresistible and was putting their marks of approval on it! What lovely kitties these three are…purrs for safe and loving homes for them.

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