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Hello Cece. Will you tell us how you ended up at PAWS?

Yes, but it’s a little embarrassing…
Another cat in my house bullied me when I tried to use the litter box, so I started going in other places. My family left me here at the shelter.

Don’t worry Cece, now that you’re safe at PAWS, we’ll find you a forever home with no bullies.

Seven year old Cece has sea foam green eyes and a luxuriant tail! Besides her obvious beauty, she’s gentle and very friendly.

Sad to say, going outside the box is one of the main reasons given when people surrender their cats.

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4 years ago

That is so sad. Such a beauty, I know you will get a forever home soon. XO

4 years ago

Oh my, Cece is a beauty indeed and it is such a shame she got hooked up with the wrong family. We are purring hard for that special forever home super soon. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

4 years ago

Poor Cece. I hope you find that bully-less home soon! And what a beautiful tail you have.

4 years ago

OMC! Cece, you are beautiful and didn’t do anything wrong. Your real forever family is going to love you and we bet they are making their way to you right this minute!

4 years ago

You don’t have to be embarrassed, Cece. (Your former family should be, though!) You are beautiful with gorgeous green eyes and exceptionally floffy tail 🙂 You deserve a loving forever home, sweetheart. I hope you will find it very soon xo

4 years ago

she has gorgeous eyes!

4 years ago

You deserve a happy ending, Cece. When I met Ellie, there was another cat named Allie that was surrendered when she stopped using the litter box after the family got a new puppy. I would’ve loved to adopt her too – but the rescue recommended her being an only cat and knowing Bear’s history it seemed like a bad idea. Ellie stands up to him most of the time. It galls me that people think cats are so disposable. If a person “surrendered” a child because he struggled with potty training, everyone would be horrified!

Oh Cece, you are so beautiful. You look like our Artemisia (aka Arty Mouse) she went missing some time ago and we purrs every day that she will come home. She is micro chipped, so we will never give up hope of her being found.

We will purr real hard that you find a wonderful home where you feel safe enough to use the litter box.

4 years ago

Cece, life is so unfair sometimes. You don’t belong in that shelter…and we purr that you find a loving home soon.

4 years ago

Oh Cece, we are so sorry things didn’t work out for you. But we know PAWs will find you a good home. All you need is an extra litter box. We sure have our paws crossed for you to find that home. That tail is gorgeous.

4 years ago

Cece is such a nice girl. She deserves a happily ever after where she’s not bullied, and feels safe and secure and loved.

Katie Isabella
4 years ago

Darling, they WILL find a home deserving of a precious warm and gentle baby as you.Kissies to you while you wait.

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