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Ms. Minnie Mouser

Ms. Minnie is a small cat, gentle and sweet.
She’s young – only a year and a half old.

Ms. Minnie is looking for a quiet home where her shy personality will bloom. Come meet friendly Minnie at PAWS!

Did you know that yesterday, October 27th, was Black Cat Day?
Black cats are often overlooked in shelters. Hard to believe that this black kitten might have a longer wait for adoption.

Can you imagine someone thinking this little beauty might bring bad luck? All of my cats have brought love, companionship, solace, and joy regardless of coat color. That sounds like very good luck to me!

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4 years ago

Two beauties indeed and we hope the homes are searching for them!

4 years ago

Those are two cutie patooties. We so hope the little black kitten finds a home. We have three black cats here and they are the best. Hope they both find homes. Have a good week end.

That little black kitty could only bring luck to whoever adopts the little guys! And I love the black spot on Minnie’s nose!

4 years ago

Aw I love Minnie’s big ears! And what an adorable black kitten. It’s no doubt that both of them will bring good luck to their future families!

Happy Halloween to you all, and may both these charming two cats find that special home very soon, be it on broomstick or in a car.
Toodle pip and purrs

4 years ago

Oh my goodness, Minnie is just adorable. She looks just like one of our friends, Cindi Lou, who went to the rainbow bridge. We will share her on Facebook.

4 years ago

Both these two are the cutest and hope they find their forever home soon,xx Speedy

4 years ago

I’m saying a pawprayer that both Minnie and the baby panfur find wonderpurr Forever Homes.

4 years ago

That little kitten is adorable! And we LOVE Minnie. Such a wonderful little cat, who will make somebody a great best friend!

4 years ago

Minnie is a cutie. And so is the kitten, I love black cats- I have 3 🙂 XO

4 years ago

I love black cats! They are NOT bad luck!

4 years ago

Beautiful pictures. Don’t tell Ellie about the Black Cat Day thing …. I’m already in enough trouble 😉

Katie Isabella
4 years ago

Oh you precious darlings! How adorable. And that little black spot on your nosey…smoochable. Minnie, Mom’s in love with you.

4 years ago

She’s purrecious. We’re sharin’ and purrayin’. Big hugs

Luv ya’

Dezi and Raena

4 years ago

I think because they are associated with witches but strange that black dogs aren’t -poor kitties! They are super cute!

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