Shelter Cats


Here’s Mork, a very fine, gentle, and friendly boy. Generally, as cats adjust to shelter life, their personalities emerge.
Wait until you see what he was doing this week!

Sorry about the poor quality of this photograph, but I had to share it. Silly Mork was trying to play with the tennis balls that someone had installed at the bottom of the chair legs!

Mork is just four years old and has plenty of love and laughter to give to his new family.

Remember meeting Frank here last week? Good news! No, unfortunately he hasn’t been adopted yet, but after being tested numerous times, it was determined that his diabetic condition can be controlled by diet alone. No insulin!

Frank’s chances of being adopted just got a lot better!

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5 years ago

That is good news about Frank. Mork is too cute.

I love Mork’s name! And he’s silly, so it really fits! Yay for Frank!

5 years ago

Mork sounds like a funny and sweet kitty! It sure is a good news about Frank. I hope they both find forever homes very soon!

5 years ago

Oh Mork, you are just so cute. Love you trying to play with the tennis ball. Darn thing was attached to something. That is such good news about Frank. You all have a wonderful day.

Katie Isabella
5 years ago

Mork…I hope someone came with another Tennis ball that will run away from you so you can chase it. Frank..GOOD on you adorable boy!

5 years ago

What a handsome boy! And….YAY FRANK!!!! xoxo

5 years ago

Mork, love the name! He’s so handsome. And that’s great news for Frank!

5 years ago

Mork, you are totally adorable pal, win over some hearts and head on home! Hooray for Frank, that’s good news indeed!

5 years ago

We love both Mork and Frank. Such awesome and friendly boys! And we had not heard about Frank’s good news … yay!

5 years ago

Mork you are such a lovely boy – we hope you will soon have your forever home.

5 years ago

You are such a handsome boy. I hope you get adopted very soon. And Frank, I am so glad to hear the good news. I also hope you get adopted real soon.
Yael from Playing In Catnip

5 years ago

Oh that’s good news for Frank! Maybe he & Mork will get adopted out together. They are handsome fellas!

Yeah for Frank — and I love Mork and his tennis ball–my mom used to put them on the bottom of chairs too!

Handsome Mork, looks like he’s a magician?So glad for Frank too?Good Luck Pawkisses to find a furrever home soon❤❤❤

5 years ago

Yay for Frank! We hope he finds his forever home soon. Mork is a cutie. I love that white patch on his nose … he’s a handsome tuxie.

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