Shelter Cats

Clear The Shelters!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were no need for animal shelters?
A loving home, a safe place to sleep, a full belly for every creature.

Here’s a cat at PAWS who needs a home…

It’s Apricat!

Five year old Apricat has packed her bags and is ready to go.
She’s waiting at PAWS in Norwalk CT.
Please spread the word and help empty the shelters wherever you live!

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4 years ago

Oh Apricot, you are so good looking. Wish I didn’t have so many. I would take you in a skinny minute. Crossing our paws that you find a home and soon

4 years ago

We’re purring hard for you dear Apricat, you sure deserve the love!

4 years ago

She is precious! I hope she and many others find their new homes during Clear the Shelters.

4 years ago

It would be so fantastic if every shelter becomes empty. Apricat is so adorable. I love the last picture with her sweet face very much xo

4 years ago

shared and we pray that oh so many find furever homes!!

4 years ago

Sweet Apricat, you could be our brother Quint’s sister! And one of our other sister’s name before she because one of us was Apricat! With those two things going in your favor and how adorable you look, we just know your forever family is making their way to you very soon!

4 years ago

Apricat is so adorable, I am amazed she is still at the shelter. I hope the shelter is empty by Sunday.

4 years ago

Apricat is one amazing girl and we are with you 1,000,000% no more shelters, food in every tummy and hope in every heart.

We hope Apricat finds a home soon, what lovely coloring she has.

4 years ago

Apricat is an awesome cat. We hope she found her forever home today!

4 years ago

My favorite feature of Apricat is those gorgeous brown eyes. I truly wish all kitties had loving homes and knew nothing but love and security. PAWS does an amazing job of trying to accomplish that! Thank you for linking up to the Showcase!

4 years ago

Hope by the time I read this she has found a home!

4 years ago

Aww, Apricat is so adorable. I hope you had lots of adoptions over the weekend (and every weekend!).

AWWWW…. so cute~!
Thanks for joining our party at

what a gorgeous kitty! Would it not be wonderful if no cat had to live at a shelter!

Katie Isabella
4 years ago

Apricat, your sweetness comes right through to me sitting here this morning. Smoochies sweet girl.

4 years ago

I love when they have events like this! I do hope that Apricat found her forever home!!

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