Shelter Cats

With a Little Help from Rufus

Our Rufus the Red is always available for snoopervising and food tasting opportunities. Recently, we were sewing a new hammock cover for Cat Room #2 at PAWS.
Safety first! Don’t worry, Rufus keeps his paws to himself.

It turned out that we were actually sewing the new cover for Ally, who always has first dibs on the hammock in her room.

Beautiful Ally is a shy 12 year old girl. She likes to be petted and brushed – once she gets to know you. She hadn’t lived with other cats before coming to the shelter, but Ally seems to get along with other nice adult kitties. She would be a great companion in a quiet home.
Ally qualifies for the PAWS Senior Cat Pension Plan which includes: No adoption donation fee, free annual exam and vaccinations, plus a yearly senior blood-workup analysis for life.

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Katie Isabella
4 years ago

Oh you glorious girl, you.

4 years ago

Good job Rufus! I sure hope beautiful Ally gets to go home soon and have a great big happy! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

4 years ago

oh my she is simply exquisite!!!! I have a feeling she will be adopted soon, her coloring is unique and gorgeous!

S Hall
4 years ago

Rufus you are the Best!
Ms Maggie is lucky to have your “snoopervision!”
There is some lucky person that needs Ally’s “snoopervision!”
I bet she is a pro at everything!

4 years ago

Ally is simply stunning! Wow. That rich coloring! You can see her sweetness in her eyes too. I hope someone shows her the unconditional love of a forever home soon 🙂

4 years ago

Such cuties, I hope they get forever homes soon.

4 years ago

Ally is beautiful! I am also loving the cat hammock! I need to try making some for my kitties! I hope Ally finds her forever home soon.

4 years ago

Great job snoopervising, Rufus! The hammock looks beautiful and Ally looks so comfy on it! She is a very pretty girl. The color of her coat is stunning! I hope she finds forever home very soon xo

4 years ago

Awesome job snoopervising Maggie, Rufus! The hammock looks fabulous, and we can attest to the fact that Ally loves it. 🙂

4 years ago

What a very nice hammock for Miss Ally!

4 years ago

Oh, I hope Ally is getting her forever home soon! We love your senior cat program!!! Mom would have loved to adopt a senior cat when she came to the shelter, but she was a bit short of money. Her parents promised her to pay vet bills until she can do it herself, so she got it of course covered in case we get sick. However, she felt that she can’t take home a high risk candidate (including the beautiful kitty which had diabetis) because it wasn’t her own money.

Well, luckily for us she took us home, but such a great program would surely encourage more people to take a senior home!

4 years ago

This is our first time for the blog hop and to visit your blog. Rufus you are quite handsome and we see that you are a great snoopervisor and helper. Ally is beautiful and we hope she finds a loving forever family very soon. What a nice hammock and Ally seems to be enjoying it a lot. Hugs and nose kisses. Mags, Pooh and Chancy

BEAUTIFUL cover! Rufus is very talented!

4 years ago

Ally is a beauty! We hope she finds the home she derserves real soon.

4 years ago

Our hearts go out to Ally, and we would take her in a heartbeat here in NZ. Mum says she is a beautiful lady cat

Good fortune and love and a home be yours. Happy Sunday Ally.

Oh, Rufus, you showed us the most beautiful girl in the world. Good Luck Pawkisses to find a furrever home soon, sweet Ally?❤?

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